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Every project is different, and at North Star Construction we tailor our construction services to meet the specific goals of each one. Our diverse building experience allows us to bring together the most qualified team for your project and our commitment to collaboration and communication ensures a successful result each and every time.



North Star Construction's diverse background of general contracting experience in SE Alaska, King County WA, and the Methow Valley, provides us with the skills and knowledge to be proactive contributors throughout the building planning process. We assist in uncovering challenges that later, during construction, could potentially be stumbling blocks. We offer the following construction services:


During the early stages of project development, North Star Construction collaborates with the Owner to identify project goals and facilitates a design process with those goals in mind.  Budgets, schedules and engineering plans are coordinated for efficiency, and construction can often begin before the design is complete. 

Early involvement is the key to a successful, smoothly running project; at North Star Construction, on-time and in-budget begins from day one.


Design is our passion. North Star Construction can be selected before design commences in order to assist the architect and engineers. Under this approach, we will work with your architect and help lead the project team through the design phase. Though the design-assist process, lines of communication are opened so that collaboration can occur this enables us to help identify potential constructability issues before the design is complete. 

North Star Construction's project leaders are ready to handle the specialty aspects of any project and will ensure that the path to success is clearly defined and communicated to all members of the project team. 

Design-Build is our hallmark. Our Design-Build process allows for the entire team (Owner, Architect, Contractor) to collaboratively develop a program and design, with the ultimate responsibility of project delivery on North Star Construction. This process assures time and money savings, creates a "win win" partnership environment, and reduces risks during construction. 

These benefits, as well as reduced owner's liability for design, and continuous analyses of constructability, budget and schedule, make design-build an ideal method for many projects.        Click here to learn more.

General Contractor

Construction is at our core. With over 40 years of construction experience in SE Alaska, King County WA & the Methow Valley in  Washington state, North Star Construction is perfecting the art of building. New ideas and the ability to remain fast and flexible in this traditional construction process allow North Star Construction to remain competitive. We provide exceptional value for our clients by utilizing our experience and being willing to use new and pioneering methods. 

We have many repeat clients because we build efficiently and economically while focusing on quality and safety. Our clients are confident in our knowledge of the marketplace, mastery in estimating, detailed scheduling, and accurate bid package preparation. You can bring North Star Construction into the development process "post design" and select us to provide construction services only. We complete projects within the schedule requirements by utilizing exceptional project management skills and highly experienced people. 

We strive to minimize change orders by notifying the owner of potential design issues early in the construction phase, thus allowing adequate time for a solution to be found. Many change orders are avoidable if there is time available to flush out possible alternatives. Understanding these two focus areas enables us to achieve more repeat business.

Get In Touch

For more information on North Star Construction services, please give us a call at: 206.939.5954 or email us!

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