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Design-Build is our hallmark. North Star Construction's Design-Build process utilizes a "team" approach involving you the client, engineers, planners, architects, and builders, all of whom work together from the concept of a project until its completion. With a design-build project North Star Construction acts as a single point of responsibility, ensuring continuity in commitments, communication, and results.

A successful design-build project offers the owner many benefits that add value to a project. These advantages include:

Single Point of Responsibility

All responsibility - for accuracy, completeness of plans, quality of construction, project coordination and costs - rests totally on North Star Construction. Our design-build method fosters teamwork and lends itself to cooperation. The relationship built during the design phase helps to ensure that the stage is set for a successful construction project.

Budget Management

Discussing budget during the design phase helps to keep the project within a realistic budget. Once the scope of the work has been finalized, the project costs are clearly defined and controlled.

Enhanced Communication

The communication benefits of working with a design professional and construction expert at the same time ensure that potential problems are discovered before the project starts.

Faster Project Completion

Design and construction involve managing hundreds of timelines that need to coordinate in lockstep. With all aspects of the projects now streamlines through one point of contact, design-build allows projects to be completed much more quickly and efficiently compared to traditional methods.

Quality Control

North Star Construction's design-build process helps to remove the ambiguity that may arise in material and construction specifications. Since our designer, engineer and builder are all on the same team, the focus remains on protecting our clients' interest.


North Star Construction provides full service design-build services. These services include:
  • Clients needs assessment 
  • Preliminary plans
  • Subcontractor bid documents 
  • Comprehensive set of design documents
  • Construction management and
  • Construction services.
Our design-build process has a single point of responsibility contract and is used to minimize risks for the project owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project.
To get your project from idea to completion, on budget and on time; we have simplified the Design - Build process into three main steps:
STEP 1: Preliminary Design
  Phase One: Feasibility of Concept and Budget
  Phase Two: Design Development Details
STEP 2: Pre-Construction / Final Design
STEP 3: Construction
Get In Touch

For more information on NSC's Design-Build approach or any of our other commercial Design-Build services, please give us a call at 206-939-5954 or email us.

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